Two years , married to the man , the one who bribed me into auction.

A goat lost in the woods , found surrounded by panthers . That goat was Anna dressed in a black dress that showcased her perfect curves, highlighted her milky skin , her plum lips red, she was dolled up like a statue if lust . All for that the man who budded the highest …….

" this goddess ….. Anna ready to be the Slave to the man who bids the highest ….. So to begin the bid …. Looking at her plum bite able lips and those sinful curves I say we start with … Fifty thousand dollars " , the man on the mike boomed .

Laughter filled Anna’s head , she could not believe how that man mad her feel like a worthless price of meet , but that was what she was now and that was what she was always going to be a mud on the shoe , a slave to the man who bought her for his pleasures .

Pride was long gone , now she was a beggar , begging to the mr Cross the man who ruled his world. The man who was her last hope to save her mothers life , but in return the devil had bought her .

Being owned , like a pet to its master , she still could not believe it she had agreed to become a dog to mr Cross . She did not regret her decision not for a second had she thought otherwise , but she all she wanted to do was hide away in the darkness of her bed and yo never face the auction of the ‘devil’ …..

Tears filled her eyes once more …. “The lovely goddess will be serving the gentleman who bought her for a fare share of ten million ….”.

She sat in the car parked in a dark cold corner , she could feel shivers running through her . She might not be a virgin , but sleeping with stranger was far worst the selling her self to a man for his pleasure sake .

Standing in the middle of the hall , surrounded by people , but none that she knew , the thought of beings married was something surreal something that she would never experience ….. she had made a deal with the devil and now she sat in the shadow of devil himself ….

Starting at his Greek god glory ; her brain rusted , she tried to make some speech , when her body wend cold as ice , her brain that was rusted pushed started and a breathless “yes” escaped her trembling lips ……

The intercom spoke up ” mrs cross …. Your husband is waiting for you …” , a smile played on her lips as the image of her sin of a husband filled her eyes . She pated her pregnant womb as she left her office …. To enter her husbands warm arms .

Now when she thought of that night she looked at herself surrounded by people , none that she knew but in those nameless face sat the man who has made her his ……..

Shiver ran through my spine . He held my hand in his . He sank down on his knee . Tears pooled my eyes as I looked down only to see his . His blue eyes looked up into mine as he played with my fingers ” Anna ” he said in a low whisper . And my breathing stopped . He took a moment before he continued . He went on saying things talking about memories of our past . All I heard was Anna . Now I stood looking at the beautiful man sitting on his knee I front of me making his proposal .

" I am so sorry , I was running late for my class , it my first day … " , my mouth went dry and my brains abandoned me , as I stood drooling over the Greek god who I had just ran myself into . His eyes were fixed on me as he waited for me as for his pardon but nothing was going to come out of my mouth. Just then the head of the building came dragging me to my dorm . The time I spent there was spent drooling over the man Living like a shadow of his . When finally he graduated .

It had been a month I finally graduated and was going to start my life as an independent women . Now I sat waiting in a huge corridor of SIP publishers waiting for my interview . ” miss swan , sir will see u now , just go through the door ” I lifted myself up my legs felt weak , I stood still for a bit taking few deep breaths calming my nerves . Entering through the huge office door I froze in my way as I got my first glimpse of the man who sat dominating the office talking on his phone . I felt my breathing quicken . As the eyes of the Greek god who sat behind the dark wood desk settled on me . His stare made my mouth go dry and my legs turned into jelly . ” morning Anna would u join me for lunch ” , Oliver asked . That was our first date . Now an year later he sat on his knee asking me to be his . To wear the ring of his name on my hand . I looked down at the man who looked up at me waiting for my answer , I looked at him and smiled and he presented me with his own as he kissed my deep and soft . Not caring about the audience he lifted me in is arms . I woke up to the sound of my baby laughing in my husbands arms . They stood on the balcony looking like angles my angles .